Alex Penman
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I left CIID and Copenhagen a few weeks ago and it’s been a strange adjustment. When your days aren’t filled working in a studio surrounded by 23 other talented individuals 7 days a week, time feels like it moves slower. I’ve had opportunities to enjoy and take in my surroundings, think about what the future holds, and even cook! It was difficult saying bye to friends but I think things are starting to move forward.

In Between Lives, a zine documenting my year at CIID.

In Between Lives
I have a new zine out called In Between Lives. It’s a collection of pictures taken last year - a strange, transformative time where all of us at CIID felt like we were living in the liminal space between our old lives and our new lives. It includes high quality pictures and low quality pictures. Pictures of people and pictures of things. Though it doesn’t cover everything that happened throughout the year, I think it conveys the feelings quite well. From the stressed out nights in the studio to the relaxing afternoons on weekend trips, it was a year I will never forget.