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Create music and take over your local radio waves with Parrrot Radio.

Parrrot Radio
Parrrot is a portable 2-channel mixer and pirate radio station. Built by radio pirates for radio pirates, this device allows for unlimited mixing of music combined with the ability to take over local radio waves. Parrrot is a new way to interact and bring people together using internet radio.

A day in the life of Kai, a Parrrot Radio pirate.

Creating From The Ocean of Sounds
Each channel streams music directly from “The Ocean,” a global database of online radios. Using simple volume adjustment, the two channels can be mixed together and recorded in one minute soundbytes.

Switch to broadcast mode and take over local airwaves.

A Pandemonium of Parrrots
One minute clips can be recorded on the device and uploaded to Pandemonium, an online radio station consisting entirely of mashups made by the Parrrot community. Every mashup is added to the radio playlist and the result is an infinite stream of mashups broadcasted on a never-ending loop. Parrrot devices come with a built-in FM transmitter which can be used to take over local frequencies and broadcast Pandemonium. At any given time, Pandemonium could be taking over the radio waves in every corner of the world with the same music, freeing pirate radio from local constraints and bringing it into a global context.

Some of the original radio pirates at Radio Sutch.

Looking Back to Move Forward
Parrrot draws inspiration from the pirate radio stations that have come and gone before it and the communities that formed around them. From the original off-shore pirates like Radio Caroline and Radio Sutch in Britain, REM Island in Ireland, and Radio Mercur in Denmark, to modern pirates in the London Underground and stations like RinseFM, the team explored what drove these music lovers to haul equipment out to sea to transmit their own shows over the air.

Parrrot Radio features an audiophile quality front-plate with customizable sides.

Personalized Community
Taking ideas from the motives and needs of the dedicated radio pirates, we designed a form factor to pay homage to the pioneers. By reducing it down to its core components, Parrrot is small and simple, allowing pirates to bring it with them wherever they go. It is sleek, taking form factor cues from high-end audio products that any sound enthusiast would love. At the same time, it remains an open canvas for customization, allowing for each pirate to change their Parrrot into a unique personal expression. From mixing to broadcasting to personal aesthetics, each pirate brings their own style into the global Parrrot community.

An overview of how to use your Parrrot Radio.

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