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Upload and organize your teaching resources and share across your district.

UClass was "the Dropbox of Education." It allowed teachers to upload lesson plans, collaborate with other teachers in their district, and search through shared lesson plans to use in their own classroom.

I was hired alongside another engineer as the only two developers, reporting to the CTO directly. A year later, UClass was acquired by Renaissance Learning, one of the largest EdTech companies in America, and I transitioned to the Renaissance Learning R&D department.

The UClass teacher dashboard organizes all uploaded teaching content.

Content Management for Teachers
At the core of UClass, was the content management system that allowed teachers to store and share their classroom learning materials. Working off of existing designs, the team built a content tagging system and I implemented it into the search and filtering options of the content dashboard. This gave teachers the ability to sort through files tagged with specific details such as grade leve, subject, and Common Core Standards.

Explore how your resources are being used by other teachers.

Analytics for the Classroom
Prior to acquisition, the team rolled out a full analytics dashboard in D3.js for the content. This gave teachers and administrators a look into how their content was being used across their network. The team conducted research into various charting libraries for our needs and settled on D3.js for its flexibility and speed.

The admin dashboard gives insight into usage across your class/school/district.

EdSurge - UClass Acquisition (2015)
EdSurge - UClass Funding (2014)

The super cool UClass team circa 2015.